Services engineering is a way to design and implement concrete actions, and must be consistent with the strategic planning.

It's based on the Client and is extended to all the stages: suppliers, government, organizations, employees, labor unions, general public.
The services exist because of the Client, to satisfy real necessities and expectations.

Project feasibility analysis

It will guide the decisions during the project evaluation phase

This will measure the real success or fail probabilities in a investment project, to help the decision to (or not to) proceed.

All our project experience is available to analyze capital projects feasibility, not only in the technical field, but also in the economical/financial and contractual.

With knowledge in mining, petrochemical and petrol industries, between others, the professionals that form our team will give a complete interpretation for the searched business and suggest options to reduce uncertainty or improve business opportunities.

Project audits. Owned projects or subcontracted

This audits will determine the real project progress, the quality of its structure and management and also, the results forecast.

An audit will look for answer the following questions:

  • Do you know certainly the progress of your projects?
  • Will them finish on term / within budget?
  • Are them being managed correctly?
  • Which are the improvement opportunities?

Besides, the audit service can help to better understand if the standard processes are being followed and if they can be improved to achieve better leadership.

Our professional team will give an independent view, denoting project weakness and strength points.

Project management

From the initial evaluation, planning, scheduling, until the execution and start up.

We handle the entire process with contracted or associated companies that have the required knowledge and backup.

The seasonal nature of the projects go against the routine usual operations of the companies, with repetitive, permanent or partially permanent activities associated with the goods and services production. In the field, the management of this two systems is usually very different and requires the development of specific technical and strategic management abilities.

Project planning and follow up. Project control dashboards

We develop tools to ease decisions to achieve goals.

It is of outmost importance the comprehensive project planning and follow up, through the creation of a window where the entire progress information might be seen in a effective and clear way. A good project control is helpful to organize the work, minimize unexpected events, improve and maximize efficiency and benefits.

The Client has the opportunity to verify on-line the progress and modifications of the project in a clear and friendly way, getting concise and truthful information to take decisions at every hierarchical level.

We make tailored tools, based on Primavera SP6 or MS Project, in order to answer concisely and quickly all the questions defined by the Client.

Field and economical advances, efficiencies, key performance indicators for each title, costs for each specialty, between others.

Project advance and criticality reports. Information checked by our own personal.

We generate reports that interpret the real status of the projects, suggesting action plans and strategies to be taken.

Our reports, not only for managers but also for field professionals, show the project status in a clear way. The Client will define the frequency of the deliveries.

The information given in this reports, will give reliable bases and tools to take decisions.

Mechanical maintenance consulting

We make detailed spare parts analysis and also offer audits to the Client´s maintenance planning.

Have complete and trusted information about suppliers is essential to develop reliable maintenance planning and procedures. It is also needed, a file system that allow to obtain information simply and quickly, avoiding the frustrating "no results search" duty.

The spare parts selection and purchase is another important subject in a project analysis. Overbuying immobilize an excess of money; buying less can have catastrophic consequences for production.

ISO 9001/14001, OHSAS 18001 consulting and training

We support private companies and public institutions along the Standards implementation process.

We have experience in ISO 9001, 14001 & OHSAS 18001 implementation, and other specific Standards for particular activities. Also, we carry out courses and workshops to teach proper theoretical formation for each Standard level at Client's company.

In the field, we look for secure the acquired knowledge through every day own examples (Case Model Methodology).

On site works inspection. Repair and fabrication control and follow up with worldwide availability.

We supervise and control on site work progress. In addition, we offer equipment and components fabrication follow up.

The supervision and work follow up made by our team, will help to lead projects to finish on time, within budget, meeting all the Standards defined by the Client. We have a large profesional engineering team with wise experience in project planning & control and contract management.

Equipment and main component fabrication, inside the national territory as well as outside it, mean a significative risk for process site operative continuity. Since there, the importance and necessity of a early warning to start corrective or palliative measures.

¥ Pressure vessels regular inspection, habilitation and lifetime extension according to 11.459 Bs. As. State Law and its resolutions 231/96 & 1126/07 by OPDS.

We have professionals certified by the government organization.